This Is For You If You’re Broke AF But Your Friends Think You’re Rich

November 8, 2019

Many people spend their 20s wading through life with limited financial resources. If you could use a glucose guardian but your friends think you’ve arrived, then you will find this relatable.

After you’ve just splurged on something and they wouldn’t stop talking about how rich you are

You could use more money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life. After months of careful and deliberate planning, you finally bought that video game console you wanted or that piece of expensive jewellery. Of course, this means only one thing to your friends; you are swimming in riches. LMAO!

When they expect you to settle the bill every time you go out

First, you don’t even like going out, but the one time they finally dragged you out. It was all fun until it was time to pay the bills and they look at you expectantly, waiting for you to whip out your wand and do some magic.

When they refuse to return the money you borrow them

The moment you send the money is the last time you will see it. Ask them to pay up and they will go on the offensive.

And the times you refuse to borrow them money

You are their go-to person every time they need money. Sometimes, you are in a position to help. You expect them to understand that you really can’t help them all the time, but every time you say no, they almost always think you are out to get them. Wow, the entitlement!

When you complain about being broke

As far as they are concerned, mountains would blow in the wind like leaves before that happened. You are not broke, you are just too uptight about money. You check your account again wonder where that money you have is.

You think of finding new friends

At the peak of your frustration with them and their obsession with your finances, you consider the idea of ditching the lot of them and starting fresh with new sets of people. But you can never bring yourself to do it. For all their faults, they are your ride and die.

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