Nigerian men are guilty of many things. But one of their worst sins has to be how they toast women. If you don’t believe us, just read what these sixteen women have had to deal with. “I was walking home and he just stopped his car beside me and told me to get in. When I said no he said ‘na wa o someone can’t toast you again’” – Adaugo
“There’s something wrong with Nigerian men. One used my bag to drag me to tell me I look burriful and he wants to marry me” – Teju
“He asked for my number I told him I was married he said me too I’m married with children sef.” – Seun
“When Tekno said Monica I like your supagetti then followed it up with if you like Mathematics I go teach you Karate.” – Tife
“I was at a job interview, after the interview he said he’s enjoying the way my dress is caressing my body” – Rayo
“He told me that my engagement ring looks like the one he used to propose to his wife then asked me for my number.” – Lota
“He told me that I reminded him of his daughter just before telling me to follow him up to his hotel room” – Hauwa
“I was complaining to a friend about all the house chores I had to do. He just butts in and tells me that I’m not a hard-working woman that if I were hard-working he might have toasted me” – Ebun
“He told me that I look sweet and he’ll like to lick me” – Jumoke
“He was trying to talk to me and I was ignoring him. Next thing he hissed and got up that he doesn’t blame me it’s because he didn’t bring his Benz that I’m doing anyhow” – Ijeoma
“He slid into my DMs to preach to me about exposing my body. Next thing he asked for number so he can pray with me over the phone.” – Funbi
“He told me that if he had met me before his wife he’ll have married me. But that things were not too late for me and I could still be his girl friend.” – Tolu
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“He told me he saw me in his dream and when he asked his pastor, the pastor said he’s supposed to marry me. He was already married with children.” – Damilola
“Some guy paid for my food at a restaurant, as I was leaving he came to meet me that I don’t have manners because I didn’t even look for the person that paid for my food.” – Kayinsola
“My profile picture was of my sister and I. He slid into my DMs to ask for my sister’s number. When I didn’t reply he said if it wasn’t available I should just give him my own.” – Oby
“I was walking out of a restaurant and he sends a waiter to call me back. Thought it was even someone I knew only for me to get there some strange man hands me his phone and says I should put my number in it” – Oge
If you are a Nigerian woman in any part of the world, then we know you’ve had similar encounters with Nigerian men. Share!


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