It all began with a poll.

But Nigerians wouldn’t have it, because Frank is in a league of his own, right?

Of course, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was the only thing parents didn’t have to force their kids to watch on the NTA network. As someone who begrudgingly watched a lot of the 9 P.M Network News, I know this to be true. And yes, Frank Edoho was the life and soul of the show.

So yes, people had things to say:

This automobile analogy >>>>

Yes, remind us of his powerful use of suspense

And this

We couldn’t leave the TV if we wanted to

This Subtle Shade

But let’s not forget the greatest moment in the show’s history, and the man that made it happen – Aroma freaking Ufodike

It sucks that WWTBAM is not on our screens anymore, but who knows, someone might just give it a kiss someday and she will wake up.

In the meantime, Frank Edoho is still making moves.


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