How To Become Financially Stable At A Job You Hate

January 13, 2020

A large majority of young adults do not enjoy what they do for a living. For many people, it is just a means to an end because the alternative can be way worse. In light of this, we decided to give tips for financial liberation from a job that doesn’t give you joy.

1) Count your “steps”

Get a smartwatch and set the daily target to one hundred thousand. This is an incentive to make sure you trek everywhere. Going to work? – trek. On official assignment? – trek. Emergency in the office? – trek. Now you can divert the money saved from transportation towards your exit strategy.

2) Save up on food spending

This is not some generic cook your food-at-home and pack to work advice. We are taking it up a notch, look for the colleague you dislike the most and constantly make their food leave its position. You will be surprised at how much money free food saves you.

Endeavour to wash the plate after. Remember your home training.

3) Conceal your intentions – 48 laws of budgeting

In case no one brings food to your place of work, fret not. Another alternative is to volunteer to take everyone’s lunch order but make sure you don’t return change to anyone. Do the maths – everyday free money.

4) Learn how to disappear

Anytime you are out with your colleagues, make sure you constantly crack them up but always be on the lookout for the bill. When it’s almost time to pay, quietly excuse yourself and relocate to Togo.

5) Start a side hustle

Offer to help your boss make copies of their official documents and start a partnership with the road side food seller. The demand for certificates on the street these days is intense.

Free food!

6) Sleep in the office

Start by slowly leaving some items over until you successfully relocate all of your property to the office. If anyone challenges you just say Zikoko told you to do so.

7) Don’t spend money on deodorant

Chances are that if you suffocate them enough at work with your eau de naturale, someone will be pressed enough to gift you a whole collection of body soap, cream, perfume, and deodorant. This will save you some of your running costs.

No need to thank us. We exist because of you!

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