How did the Ojuelegba tragedy happen again?

June 20, 2018

Dear friends, a lot of us are extremely upset this morning.

I’m going to tell you why

Yesterday, Lagosians were heading home after another long day of hustling. Some in buses, some in cars and some in kekes.

But most just stuck in traffic, thinking of getting home to sleep peacefully.

Generally, a lot of commercial trucks pass the Ojuelegba bridge often, some are even parked there permanently. Last night, a truck carrying plywood was among the many other vehicles on the bridge.

It was on the line closest to the left side of the bridge.

Remember those people stuck in traffic? They’re just right below the bridge.

Next, you know, they look up and see a truck of wood falling right off the bridge and towards them.

It was about to fall on their vehicles. Some didn’t even know what was happening. It all happened so fast.

Before they knew it, the truck had fallen on 3 buses and a car. Crushing every single one of them.

Many were trapped under the truck all night, some got badly injured.

And sadly, 2 people passed away.

This gets even more saddening because a very similar incident happened in Ojuelegba sometime in 2015.

3 Nigerians passed away from that incident.

This is making a lot of Nigerians wonder when there’d really be any change, if the same mistakes are being repeated.

I mean, trucks with that amount of weight should definitely notbe on that bridge.

Our hearts truly go out to everyone affected by this incident, including their family and friends.

We truly hope Governor Akinwumi Ambode and the entire Lagos state government pay more attention to this re-ocurring issue.

This is a very tragic event that should be prevented by all means from happening again.

May their souls rest in peace.

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