Here’s The Spiritual Guide To Breakups

July 18, 2018
Breakups can be hard and messy, but they don’t always have to be that way. If you are stuck in a relationship you can’t seem to get out of we are here to help. We’ve come up with 10 spirit-filled excuses to get you out of it easily. Afterall who can argue with God?

“The Lord told me in a vision that you are not my missing rib”

Nobody is at fault here, it’s the Lord’s will and you can’t question the Lord’s will.

“I prayed about it and I don’t see you in my future”

Our destinies are just not aligned.

“My pastor said I should tell you that we are not compatible”

This is for your own good, don’t you want to be with someone you are compatible with?

“It was revealed to me in a dream that your soul mate is still on the way”

I’m only breaking up with you, so that you don’t miss your soulmate.

“It’s not as if I want us to break up, I just received a vision that we must break up”

It’s really out of my hands.

“I just want to focus on building my relationship with my Lord, God, Jesus Christ.”

The Lord is good all the time, and all the time the Lord is good.

“God revealed to me that it’s your best friend I’m supposed to marry in a dream last night”

There’s honestly nothing I can do about it.

“I see you as a sister in the Lord and so it’s not right for us to continue dating”

Let’s just focus on serving God.

“I just want to spend more time with God”

Abi do you want to come in between me and my God?

“It’s like God wants to call me into his service, I can feel it coming”

There won’t be space left for you once it happens.

“I don’t think we are equally yoked’

And God said we shouldn’t be with people we aren’t equally yoked with.

Which one did we leave out?

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