Forget Backstabbing, These Are The Things That Really Test Our Friendships

November 20, 2018

Have you ever invited your friend to play Fifa 18, only for them to beat you 5-0 in your own home?

Just throw the whole friendship away dear.

Or when you balanced to eat suya you bought, saved the biggest piece for the grand finale, only for your friend to swoop in and take it?

Wars have started for less, no lies.

Have you felt pain if your friend didn’t post the picture where everyone was fine, but you forgot to suck belle on Instagram?

No really, have you?

That’s how you’d have agreed to start Game of Thrones with your best friend. Next thing, they’re telling you after one week how season 4 wasn’t as nice as 3

What a betrayed!

The worst one is when you’ve agreed to do formation for exam with your ‘friend’, only for them to pretend they can’t hear you asking for number 1-20 in obj

This life is a pot of beans indeed.

This one is even for family members. If your sister hasn’t stolen the clothes you were saving for fire rocks, and posted them on Instagram first, count yourself lucky!

This means war.

The worst one is when your friend uses force to invite you for a party and disappears as soon as both of you get there

They’ll now start asking if you enjoyed the party when you’re heading home.

When you’re about to drive out and your best friend and boyfriend are using eye to fight for who will sit in front

My sister, just leave the car for them.

Any friend that can let you do this to yourself, please re-consider the friendship oh

Seriously. Friendship over!

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