So far on Jollof Road, we’ve visited four countries. But nothing comes close to the dynamic experience we had while we were in Ivory Coast aka Cote d’Ivoire aka land of Jesus’ 13th disciple.

So here are four places you should visit if you’re ever in the coastal city. Do it!

Our Lady of Peace Basilica

If you don’t stop by this monumental beauty, your trip will be incomplete. Why? Because it’s the largest church in the world. It is located in Yamoussoukro – the political capital of the country and birthplace of Felix Houphouet-Boigny, the first Ivorian president.

Waterfall in Man

If you enjoy the view of water cascading down layers of rock or are just a Mami water, this is the place for you. However, to avoid getting overwhelmed by screaming teenagers, pick a weekday to visit.

Pont De La Victoire

In English, Pont de la Victoire translates to Bridge of Victory. It is located in Grand Bassam. In 1949, the bridge was constructed to memorialise a women-led march that fostered the rescue of Ivorian nationalists.

Tai National Park

This national park was established in 1972. It is located in Bas-Sassandra. It preserves one of the last areas of primary rainforest in West Africa. And in 1982, the park was marked as a World Heritage site.


Comptoir Des Artisans

Comptoir des Artisans is both a restaurant and concept store selling art, jewellery etc. It is located in Abidjan. The restaurant can transport you to France with its fancy cuisine. And most importantly, it’s the perfect spot for the hippies.


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