Are You Even A Nigerian Adult If These Things Don’t Make You Happy?

November 14, 2019


You spent a lot of your childhood and early teen years moping about how much your parents suck and whatnot. All you could think about was moving out and becoming your own boss. When you eventually got into adulthood and got emancipated, you realised that life was hell-bent on sucking you dry, such that, events like this make you leap for joy:

Finding money inside your pockets

Only a handful of things come close to the feeling you get when you turn out your pockets as the regular prerequisite to doing your laundry and you whip out some cash. Or you are going through your wallet or purse, looking for something else and there are some naira notes in a corner, waiting for you to find them. It doesn’t really matter how much the money is; it will be enough to lift your mood for a limited time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often, but it bangs really hard every time it does.

Hot Homemade food

You probably turned your nose up at your mum’s cooking sometime during your childhood. Now that you’ve moved out, you’ve realised how much those meals did for you. If you could stop anything, it would be to stop spending so much on food, but what can you do? This is why it is such an emotional affair for you whenever someone offers you food and you wouldn’t have to pay for it. Or you finally find time to go home and are greeted by your mother’s cooking. That stuff is a hit.

The Freaking Weekends

Remember those years ago when school was the escape for you and you hate the sight of the weekend? The situation’s changed now. You look forward to the next weekend before the current weekend is over. You just can’t get enough of it.

Public Holidays

Because the weekends are never enough, the next best thing to getting some much-needed free days are public holidays. The country has an absurd number of public holidays, but hell, are they enough for you? Nahhh!

More free days, damnit 

The public holidays are hardly enough too, and now, the only time you can catch a break is when you go on leave (if you go on leave). You wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but you spend an embarrassing amount of time thinking about these (usually) two weeks you will get away from work. 

Your Payday

I mean, It’s one of the few days (and they are very few) in a month that makes every bit of the struggle you deal with worth something; one of the few days you feel completely alive.

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