All Of This Happened This Week?

June 21, 2019

What happened this week? Did you finally start that diet? Did you tell your boss to stick it like you’ve been planning for the past 5 months? Did you lose a little weight?

Well, I’m sure you have positives to all of these questions and your week had a fair share of doldrum and crazy, but I bet your salary entering next week, you did not have a week quite as wild as some of the people featured in this list. Doubtful? Let’s see:

Did you purely by chance discover you had an identical twin sister lurking around your city?

So here’s what happened, 19 years ago, two different women gave birth to children in a hospital, two days apart. One delivered twins while the other a baby girl. Only, when they walked out of their hospital, they somehow left with a child from the other woman.

Fast forward to the blessed year 2019, Melon (one of the twins) attended a sport meet at Shikoti Secondary School and was bombarded by students informing her she had a sister in their school. When her teachers attended an event from Masinde Muliro University, they saw a student (Sharon) that looked exactly like her, confounnding them all as to the similarities in their looks.

The paid eventually connected over Facebook and after taking a DNA test, and news came out this week confirming that they were indeed biological twins. Crazy!

Did you try to drop your pic and go, only to be forcibly dragged back?

Tiwa Savage was having a sexy-ass day and decided to be generous to the world by sharing it. Where she may have missed a step was captioning the picture with, well that.

The thing is, Tiwa Savage lived in Nigeria until she was about 11 years old, and the country at the time was considerably filled with darker skinned role models – Joke Silva, Folake Solanke, Buchi Emecheta to name just a few.

She did not get a lot of fans for it

I’m here just wondering how no one spoke about her hair.

Did a gorilla maybe eat more than your net worth as kibble?

This one we’re very not sure about, despite what the guys over at the Kano State Zoo will have us believe.

Does this look like the face of a thief?

The sum of  ₦ 6.8 million is missing from the Kano Zoo, which can we just add has a surprising array of animals, and rather than blame it on one of the humans hanging around, some genius decided to pin on the one guy that can’t speak for himself, and also, isn’t even one of the zoos kept animals.

Anyway, they clearly have the wrong primate, leave Caesar out of it and find the real perpetrators.

Did your governor break his pinky promise to you?

Okay, this we all experienced. Despite promising us the resolution of the Apapa gridlock situation within 60 days of his administration, Sanwo-Olu decided to take us all fi idiat this week, by changing mouth and explaining that he meant only a review of the works done on the Apapa road and not a resolution of the traffic.

Somebody threaten him with a return of Sir Waist Trainer so he’ll actually do his job pleasee.

Did your team break a 20-year jinx to make it to the Women’s World Cup knock out stages?

The Super Falcons did!

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