8 Times Twitter People Took Sex To Another Level

January 15, 2015

Twitter is like a market. You can find anything and anyone there. Some days, people dish out life advice, career talks, employment opportunities, reasonable bants. But sometimes ehn, some people just lose it. Especially in matters of sex. We rounded up some tweets about sex. These tweets are odd, scary, hilarious, and sometimes ehn, they are beyond our power.

1. Does she know 60 minutes make 1 hour?

2. Tell me your dreams…

This person probably does not attend Mountain of Fire.

3. Can someone try this and get back to us, please?

‘Cause we would like to hear results.

4. Another dreamer.

It means you need to visit the nearest MFM branch, dear.

5. And this one from Fact.

Imagine telling a Nigerian parent that you’re depressed because you’re not having enough sex.

6. A manifesto.

With how many private parts abeg? This person definitely has extra lives kept in a refrigerator.

6. Marriage counselor.

Tyler Perry needs to hire this person as a scriptwriter.

7. At this point, it’s now okoto meow meow.

8. This one who has found a research topic.

She’ll write that thesis and earn an Msc, PhD, BACCA, LLB in sexual intelligibility.

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