8 Things Only Class Stabbers Will Understand

January 7, 2020

1. You, when it’s time for course registration 

Over It Ugh GIF by NBPA

Y’all should look at me very well now oh. You won’t see me again

2. When your roommates are preparing to go for class, but you’ve just gotten to the sweetest part your sleep

Good Night Sleeping GIF

I can’t kee myself oh.

3. How you sit through the few classes you attend

bored kill me GIF by Bounce

I’m in the ghetto.

4. You, when a friend hits you up to notify you of an impromptu test

Kevin Abstract Thank You GIF by BROCKHAMPTON

My guyyyyyyy.

5. What your phone looks like when it’s time for exams

Thank God for technology.

6. When a lecturer chases you out of the exam hall because they’ve never seen your face

Uh Oh Reaction GIF by Bounce

Excuse me, sir. It’s because of the plastic surgery you can’t recognise me.

7. How you look at everyone who expects you to flunk your exams

Mhm GIF by autofeaturebot

But what’s you people’s own?

8. How you look at them when the results come out and you passed all your courses

Mhm GIF by autofeaturebot

Hahaha. The jokes have always been on you.

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