A haunted house is never fun when you live in one. The idea of ghosts sharing your toothbrush and watching you shower and have sex is something you might want to consider. Here is a list of ways to check if your house is haunted.

1. Doors open and close randomly

If doors and windows randomly fly open and shut down at will, you live in a haunted house. Obviously, the ghost needs you to know that they may not pay rent but they co-own the house. You might want to attribute this to the breeze but how come you never feel the breeze on your body? Fink about it.

2. You sometimes hear your name

You are alone in the house and you know it but you can hear someone calling your name. Sometimes, it’s so loud that you answer before realising “oh wait, I live alone.” Scientist says it’s a sign of a healthy mind but I say it’s the house spirits just letting you know that you are never alone.

3. Your clothes start to take shape in the dark

If your pile of clothes ever start to look like anything other than clothes, it’s not your schizophrenia kicking in. It’s the house spirits. If they take the extra step of making the clothes move in any way, you might want to perform an exorcism. 

4. You have experienced sleep paralysis

If you’ve ever felt a pressing weight on your chest as voices hum incoherently while you mentally struggle to move but find yourself stuck, congratulation, the house spirits want you dead. 

5. Things are never where you keep them

When you forget where your keys, phone, or anything is, it’s not a sign of budding dementia it’s the house spirits playing mind tricks on you. Your house is obviously haunted. The stove, pressing iron, and other fire-starting appliances being left on isn’t your doing. Know this and know peace. 

6. You feel a presence 

There are times you sit and suddenly, you feel there is someone else in the room. No, this isn’t a mental disorder, it’s isn’t because you haven’t taken your meds, it’s the house spirit. Your house is haunted and they want you to know. 

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