6 Drugs Nigerians Don’t Need A Prescription To Use

October 29, 2019

Nigerians are many things, depending on what the situation they are in requires them to be. And sometimes, this means putting on an imaginary white coat and prescribing drugs for themselves. Everyone is guilty of this, and that’s why we have this list of drugs lots of people use without a prescription.


The OG of all drugs. Are you even Nigerian if you don’t have about 2 packets somewhere close to you at all time? It’s a miracle just how many things these pills work for. As far as Nigerians know, if paracetamol doesn’t make whatever you are dealing with go away, you can now see a doctor.


Everyone’s favourite travelling companion! For the average case of stomach upset, the first drug that comes to mind to use is Flagyl. The only thing to get past is the horrible after-taste, but that has never stopped anybody.

Vitamin C

Hard to say if this is a drug or candy, judging by the frequency anybody who has it in their house lick it, especially the coloured ones. I believe it has no notorious adverse effect, or the Ministry of Health would have been forced to issue a “Guide” or you know just take the thing off the shelves. Anyway, it may be sweet, but it is still a drug, so use with caution.

Multivitamin tablets

God forbid that Nigerians lose their appetite to eat! How else would the aunty you’ve not seen in a while comment on the size of your cheeks? So yes, this is the best thing to use when you need to eat, according to Nigerians, and we are not shy of using it.


Because bacteria is not a good thing, this drug exists. It is mostly used to get rid of boils. And it may or may not have been established that some people get the powder out of the capsules and apply it to cuts and wounds.


Fornication sells, and since no one wants to be changing baby diapers until they are ready, this drug is a big hit. Let’s sha remember that it needs to be used with sense. And don’t let your parents find them if family meetings are not your thing. Also, remember that you can save yourself all the stress if you would just go and marry.

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