18 Things You Are Used To If You Aren’t A Morning Person (Number 15 is the worst)

May 14, 2016

1. When you make plans to go to bed early

Thinking you will get up refreshed and happy the next day

2. But then there is an interesting movie on Afmag Yoruba

Let me watch just half of it then go to bed.

3. 2 hours later and you are watching part two

Okay, this is the last I won’t stay up after this.

4. When you finally get in bed at 1:25 AM

Finally, I can sleep.

5. But there is serious activity on your timeline

Let me go and look at gist and not carry last.

6. You check the time and it’s 4AM

Where is the time running to now?

7. Two minutes of sleep later and your alarm goes off – it is 7AM

Oh God!

8. And the first thing you say is a curse word


9. But you’re still lying on your bed hoping it is all a dream

Nah, they are probably ringing a bell in this dream.

10. When it takes you approximately 20 minutes to get out of bed

Not leaving this bed today.

11. But then you remember you have work or class to go to

Why do we have all these responsibilities again?

12. When you think of faking your death to avoid work or class

But you realize you have to explain how you resurrected when it is time for salary.

13. So you have to drag yourself up and start your day

This doesn’t look like a good day ahead.

14. Then you remember you have to deal with annoying human beings

Can I just avoid everybody today please?

15. But no, everybody wants to talk to you that morning


16. And one particular person is way too happy with their good morning greetings

Can you please save it??

17. Or keeps asking you stupid questions

Father hold my lips and my hands.

18. So you spend your whole day thinking about your bed

I love you. I miss you. I will spend more time with you later tonight.

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