This Is For You If New Nigerian Music Takes Time To Grow On You

November 4, 2019

Nigerian music has definitely come a long way. It’s such a straight line for some people – they get hooked right from the first few listens. But others, for all sorts of reasons, don’t recognise a hit immediately they hear one. They choose to go the long and agonising route before they allow themselves to be drawn to the magic of the song. If you belong to this table, this is probably how it goes for you:

At first, you are convinced that it’s the worst song you’ve ever heard

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There was a hype leading to the release of the song, but you didn’t participate in it. You weren’t expecting much from it anyway. When the song got released and you gave it a chance, you knew it wasn’t going to cut it for you.

Then you try to convince others to be on your team

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Because you think you are cool and knows only the cool things, you try to trash-talk the song to everyone you know who likes it. You take every element of the song apart and give whoever cares to listen “a comprehensive list” of why it sucks. You feel like that’s your contribution to the culture

But the song keeps playing everywhere you go

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Since everybody except you think the song is a banger, that’s the only thing you hear in every corner you turn to. Your life is literally hell now, and there is no way you can escape it. In fact, the lyrics of the song is now etched in your subconscious.

You sort of like it now, but you hate to admit it

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You realise with horror that you unconsciously sing along to the song at random times. And that’s not the worst part of it; you shake your head in rhythm to the tune.

You slowly change your stance

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Now, it seems like you are rediscovering the song; every note, every instrument used, every lyric. It is a tough pill to swallow for you, but you realise just how much of a hit the song is.

And you become obsessed

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The song can’t catch a break from you anymore. It’s the one thing you repeatedly listen to on your playlist. Sometimes, you wonder if it’s jazz because you can’t highlight a single reason you’ve become obsessed with a song you thought was mediocre.

Well, life happens. Enjoy it!

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