10 Problems Only Tall People Can Relate To

January 28, 2020

There literally is no easy way in life. Especially when it comes to body image. Everywhere you turn, people are always offering you unsolicited advice about your size, height, shape, even skin. And it gets really tiring. We came up with a list of the weirdest most annoying, and outrightly funny things that tall people can relate to.

1. Everyone calls you names like Agali, Tallie, Electric Pole.

Image result for kevin hart pissed off meme

And they actually expect you to like it.

2. You always stick out among your friends.

Image result for tall nigerian guy and his girlfriend

Sometimes, this can be a good thing sha.

3. You are asked to do the weirdest chores.

Image result for thin tall tony angry

Replace the light bulb. Remove cobwebs from the ceiling. Please reach out on the tree and give me one mango.

4. Everyone thinks you should play basketball.

Image result for tall black basketball players

They don’t even care if you are interested in the sports or not.

5. Finding the right shoe size or even proper trouser length can be a stress.

Because none of these designers ever think that there are tall people who need shoes and trousers.

6. If you’re a guy, everyone assumes that your ahem, something, is long.

Can’t I just be tall in peace?

7. This is also not excluded from the list.

Image result for tall nigerian guy and his girlfriend

E be like this sometimes.

8. You always have to bend before entering any place.

Can’t you people make your entrances taller or something?

9. Some beds can disappoint you.

Image result for tall person bending down to enter a house


10. People always want to take a picture with you.

Image result for tall nigerian guy and his girlfriend

And it’s not because you’re a celebrity. Nope. They just want to see the height difference.

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