Ken Nwadiogbu Is Keeping It Hyper-real.

July 17, 2019

Gather round brethren, as we attempt to piece together just how this image was made.

Did someone mistake this poor child for a sandwich, wrap him in clingfilm, take a picture AND add a filter?

Thankfully, we can confirm no child was harmed in the making of this work. This right here is a hyper-realist piece. Artwork that appears realistic to the extent that it tricks the eye, and it was made by the hands of Nigeria’s very own Ken Nwadiogbu.

Now, if you’re wondering who took the second helping of talent while you were distracted by the angel doing a headstand in heaven, look no further than this guy.

A self-taught artist, Ken, AKA spent years crafting his skill from YouTube videos and hounding art studios/galleries to get a first hand feel for the Nigerian art scene and techniques to adopt in his works. All of this inspite of a Civil and Environmental Engineering degree.

Settling on hyper-realism, Nwadiogbu uses his art as a means to speak on topical and politically relevant issues. Like this one, titled “Everybody is a Fucking Hypocrite”

According to his website, “this piece triggers the emphatic side of being an African- where the voices of the masses are thrown to the gutters and injustice lingers like a plague. “

And this piece, titled “Me Too”, inspired by the worldwide movement of the same name.

Ken Nwadiogbu isn’t a one-trick pony, however. His talent isn’t restricted to hyper-realism, and is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, specialising in video, pictorial and sculpted works. We’d hate his super-skilled ass if we weren’t so pro-talent.

Also, we love him. Make sure to check out this really cool interview we had with him.

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