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Lawal Adijat Opeyemi of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) will be contesting in the Lagos East Senatorial by-elections which is scheduled to hold this Saturday, December 5, 2020.

The by-election became a necessity after the death of Senator Bayo Osinowo earlier this year, who represented Lagos East Senatorial district, following a brief illness.

A by-election is an election that is held to fill a vacant legislative seat when a member of the legislature has resigned or died, and their seat has been declared vacant.

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) will be represented in the Lagos-East senatorial by-election by Lawal Adijat Opeyemi, who will be joined by 11 other senatorial aspirants.

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Lawal Adijat Opeyemi

A cursory glance at Adijat Lawal’s social media platforms highlight her plans as a Senatorial candidate.

According to her: “Our nation needs a change in governance. She needs the forward thinking generation who are willing to follow through with their words and promises by taking positive steps towards achieving a unified goal”.

She has also said that, if elected into office, her Senatorial office will run an open policy where citizens have access to her.

She adds that empowering women and youths is a promise she’ll deliver on once she gets into office, and that “moving forward together is our utmost purpose”.

Lawal Adijat Opeyemi’s Manifesto

Lawal Adijat’s manifesto is based on two key points of: value and accomplishments.

According to her, she values people and resources, and that she intends on making the best use of people and resources.

On accomplishments, she says she will develop community connections, work closely with leaders and youths, and work hard at empowering and developing women, who make up 60% of her electorates. This includes market women, widows, and elderly women.

You can keep up with Lawal Adijat Opeyemi’s campaign promises and activities on Twitter and on Instagram.

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