We Heard You Had Questions About The 2019 Elections.

February 8, 2019

In a few days, Nigerians will besiege polling booths the country over, to make a decision on who gets to call themselves as “The President of Nigeria” for the next 4 years.

But before then, we thought to answer any questions you might have about the upcoming elections. Like say, what finger do I use to vote (the forefinger), and can I watch a KUWTK marathon before heading out to my polling unit? (you can, provided you take a little break to in-between to vote between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm).

Here are the answers to any other questions you might have about the 2019 elections:

When exactly are the elections?

The Nigerian general elections will hold on the 16th of February, while the Governors will get their moment to shine come March 5th, together with the candidates for the state assemblies and area councils.

What do I need to be eligible to vote?

First things first, you must be at least 18 years of age, so if the words — ‘Scrap Palace’ don’t mean anything to you, sit this one out kid. You must of course be Nigerian and must have registered for and collected your PVC.


Oh man, PVC! I keep forgetting to get that. Can I still get mine?

About that. February 11th is the very last day for PVC collection. So if you missed it all this while,you have a final chance, come Monday the 11th. Head to INEC Local Government Office, closest to the location you registered — then you just might stand a chance. A small one though, but try sha.

How many parties are contesting the 2019 elections?

Final figure locked, a total of 74 parties will be contesting for the post of president. Something about Nigeria’s dwindling economy and lackluster policies on education really got the candidates going.

Those are a lot of parties. Who should I be voting for?

Whoever you feel honestly and truly has the range to bring the dollar back into that 140-naira side, please dear. But really, any candidate you feel has Nigeria’s best interests at heart. Good luck finding one.

Got it! What are 3 things I absolutely have to bear in mind on voting day?

Do not forget your PVC. Make sure to have checked these INEC guidelines to know what to expect at your polling unit. And of course, leave your drip at home.

You do not want to ruin your favourite shoes if your polling unit happens to be attacked.

When can I start tweeting about Nigeria’s next official president?

The results for the presidential and senatorial elections will be released between 3 to 5 days after voting has been carried out. So mark your calendars for anywhere between the 18th and 21st of February.

When will the next leaders of Nigeria be sworn in?

Despite Democracy Day being moved to June 12th, the 29th of May will remain the valid date for the swearing-in of elected officials.

What else would you like to know about the 2019 elections? Let us know!

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