They See Us Rolling, They Hating – Yahaya Abdullahi.

September 23, 2019

There’s actually nothing we won’t hear in this country. The Nigerian Senate — same guys with a ₦13 million monthly salary, inclusive of a ₦1.24m ‘hardship’ allowance, have brought something brown new for us to chew on.

This time, our esteemed Honourables are looking to spend ₦5.5 billion on new SUVs for each of the 109 members of the nation’s senate. This will add up to about ₦50.5 million naira spent on each senator.

Now, like any right-thinking person, you must be thinking, how on earth is ₦5.5 billion a reasonable amount to spend on jeeps in the poverty capital of the world? In a country that can’t even afford to pay a ₦30,000 minimum wage countrywide? Where VAT is about to be increased to generate more money?

Well, that’s you, a reasonable person. On the flip side reason, however, is Senate leader – Yahaya Abdullahi. A man whose vision must be limited to the dividing line between his buttocks because he believes it isan insult to say a Senator cannot ride a jeep in Nigeria’.

His statement was in reaction to the public outcry against the amount of money proposed to get these guys riding in new whips. Just that nobody ever die of insort, I know where Nigerians would have carried this man to.

Now if for any reason, you see some sense in what he’s saying, then I have a little math assignment for you, don’t be angry.

Take all the money they’ve spent on your education, plus all the money you’ve ever spent on food, then add the salary you’ve been collecting all of these years. Has it entered ₦50 million?

And even if it is, is that why they should spend money the average Nigerian most likely will never see in his lifetime on a jeep?

Well, that’s just our opinion. Let us know what you think about the proposed ₦5.5 billion jeeps in the comments below.

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