If you think about it, Nigerian travel destinations are like that child in secondary school that had all the promise in the world but somehow got mixed up with drugs and now sleeps on the side of the street begging for alms from anyone kind enough.

Nigerian travel destinations

The only thing is, this child didn’t do anything wrong. Rather, his parents locked him in a room filled with drugs, forgot him there and then got surprised that this somehow ruined his life.

Nigerian travel destinations

That’s pretty much the story of Nigerian travel destinations. While holding serious promise, the majority have been neglected like yesterday’s pap, by a government that really doesn’t care too much about it.

Nigerian travel destinations

Here are 6 Nigerian travel destinations that need immediate government attention before they become condemned beyond repair:

Tinapa, Calabar, which was previously a prime Nigerian travel destination.

Back in the day, Tinapa, Calabar was a resort where an artificial lake, a water park and a hotel were located. Fast forward a few years and political administrations and this sire has fallen into disrepair. The terrible conditions of the roads leading to it, discourage many patrons from making the journey down. This project cost a total of ₦ 60 bn to build and could easily earn the Calabar government a match in revenue should the government invest enough resources in it.

Idanre Hills Ondo State: the Nigerian travel destination that never quite kicked off.

Idanre Hills in Ondo State has all the trappings of a great tourist destination. An ancient backstory, check. Relics from the past present on its site, check. Breathtaking views – triple check.

And yet, it sorely lacks input from the state. The missionary outpost at the top of the hill is in a terrible state. The primary school built in 1896 on top the hill is filled with graffiti and visitors to the very high hills aren’t provided any protective gear.

Kwa waterfalls, Cross River: a Nigerian travel destination in need of love.

Nigerian travel destinations

Famed for having 234 steps to reach its scenic views, these same steps and the area surrounding the Kwa Waterfalls are in a state of neglect by the state government and require urgent attention.

The Nigerian National Museum, a Nigerian travel destination in need of dusting.

Nigerian national museum

The Nigerian National Museum Onikan is 73 years old and looks every bit of it. On the inside at least. While the outside wears new coats of paint, its 47,000 artefacts are in varying degrees of questionable conditions, made even more suspect by a real need to be dusted.
Do better!

Ngwo Pine Forest, Enugu needs quick attention.

Nigerian Travel destinations

Ngwo Pine Forest is one of Nigeria’s most idyllic travel destinations. Containing a pine forest that could easily be a dream destination for a park.

Ngwo is made more dreamy by the fact that it leads to a cave which also leads to a waterfall. But for all its promise, the Ngwo village is a hassle to reach as it has terrible road structures and a yet to be developed structure to place it as one of Nigeria’s foremost travel destinations.

Ezeagu Warm Springs, Enugu: a Nigerian travel destination in need of signs.

Ezeagu houses a cave, a waterfall and warm springs; which is plenty to make the journey down worthwhile, only, good luck actually finding the place.
There are hardly any signs pointing to the site and its development and structures do not position it as the must-read travel destination it really is.

What Nigerian travel destinations do you think require government attention?


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