Buhari’s 12 Most Notable Moments This Campaign Season.

February 12, 2019
For most Nigerians, the years 2018-2019 have been one big endeavour to avoid the over-exposure from candidates contesting the 2019 elections.
Not very far from the most over-exposed and over-publicised candidates, is no other than our very own President Muhamadu Bubucakes.
Having put us through everything from lazy-shaming Nigerian youth, to almost crowning some other guy with the presidency of this great state, here are 12 of the most memorable Buhari moments in the race to the 2019 elections.

When he was playing mind -games with whether or not he would run for the presidency.

We’re all for a good guessing game, but toying with our feelings with the hope that he wouldn’t be seeking a second term, that was a lot.

When he finally ruined some days and made others, with the announcement that he would in fact, be running.

You win some, you lose some.

That time that crazy rumour started that the President wasn’t our beloved Bubu, but was some random from Sudan.

But you know what they say, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. Could it be….

That time he had to set everyone straight that he was the real OG, no fakes.

Imagine there were actually two Buharis running around Nigeria. Just imagine.

His special non-appearance at the 2019 presidential debates.

I especially loved all the points he didn’t raise, and those answers he didn’t give to prove he was worth a second term.

When he sent that subliminal message that he was tired of president-ing, and tried to pass it off to this next guy.

As you lay your bed, so you lie on it buddy.

When he got it all wrong with this other guy.

Is everything okay with Bubs though?

When he proved that sometimes, you really are as old as you feel.

He’s 76 though, these things happen.

That time the Buhari-mania was so crazy in Jos, they didn’t even let him get through his campaign.

Who said money can’t buy you love?

When he showed us there was a humourous side to his sometimes mean-mug, with this little quip:

People that actually still get on his bad side after 1984, you have mind oh.

Can we stan a multi-culture appropriating candidate please?

A for effort!

But perhaps the most memorable thing about Buhari’s campaign is how he stuck to his anti-corruption stance from 2015. Here’s the photo to prove it:

Don’t you just love politics?!

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