Food is very important to life. That’s one sure thing we all know. But it’s sure that nobody foresaw the importance of food to the continuity of the #EndSARS protests across the country.

Sure, the protests are sustained due to a lot of factors, but the role food plays cannot be denied. For one thing, the assurance of food at protest locations is a ginger for a number of protesters.

Even online protesters want to enter streets when they are chanced. And why not?

Imagine what Abuja people are enjoying.

Not even Abuja alone. Other locations too. Someone tweeted that it’s at the #EndSARS protests that a lot of people will taste some foods for the first time in their life, and I don’t disagree. For example, if I was at the Abuja protests, I would have tasted beef burger for the first time in my life. But I’m not, so I’m yet to break that barrier. Still, we move.

The protests at Ibadan had an amazing supply of food. From asking for donations to the end result, one understands that people take the food ministry very serious.

The donations
The results.

They took it so serious that Lekki people even got pizza.

Wahala for who no go out to protest oh.

Asun was made available too. What excuse do you have not to come out? Food? You lie.

Food is even being used as an instrument of protest.


If you haven’t gone out to protest, please endeavour to. And if you cannot go out, please keep tweeting about the protest, keep sharing and keep talking about it. We will not be silent. Food dey, ginger dey, support system dey. Nothing can stop us now.

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to unfuck yourself when the Nigerian government moves mad. Check back every weekday for more Zikoko Citizen explainers.


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