Nigerians are king of colloquials, but we need to normalise calling these foods their real names. Well, we rounded up 5 food products that are not being called their original names. You are guilty as charged.

1. Noodles Not Indomie

Next time, say you want to buy Noodles, then let the seller ask for the specific brand you want. I promise you won’t trip and hit your head on the floor.

2. Sausage Roll Not Gala

Eiss, give me two Gala and one…” Sis will you stop it. This thing is Sausage roll. SAUSAGE ROLL.

3. Condiment Not Maggi

Not every condiment is Maggi, and Maggi is only a kind of condiment. In other words, not every cube is a Maggi cube. Say you want condiment.

4. Sachet Water Not Pure Water

A pure water is any water that is pure – isn’t that obvious? Is the water from your tap not pure? Don’t let us fight. Call this thing its name – Sachet water.


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