5 Ways To Navigate Ibadan As A JJC

February 9, 2020

Ibadan is a fun place. For a newcomer though, it might be a bit difficult to navigate, and you might be cheated too. Just as Lagos has its modus operandi, Ibadan too has a system that will make your stay or visit a fun experience. We hope our little guide helps you.

Guide to people visiting Ibadan for the first time.

1. When dealing with traders, bus drivers or keke drivers, always speak Yoruba.

Image result for ibadan traders

This might be hard for people who don’t speak Yoruba, but it’s the truth. Speaking Yoruba gives them a sign that you’re street, not butty. It makes it less easy to cheat you.

2. Never accept the first price as the last price.

Image result for buses in oyo state

Basically, price everything. EVERYTHING. Including bus fares. You never know .

3. If you’re going to take a bike, look for Hausa men.

Image result for public transport in Ibadan

The speed aside, these ones will not charge you so much. Even if they do, you can easily slash the price and go long distance. But you see those Yoruba and Igbo riders, avoid them. Their eye don tear.

4. Ibadan is not as local as people always try to paint it.

Image result for ibadan beautiful city

This is a picture of Challenge at night. See how beautiful it looks?

5. If you’re on a budget, pick street food over restaurant food.

Restaurant prices can be a little bit on the high side. And they might not taste as good. But you see street food? Chai. Great taste, great price. Surest bet anytime.

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