On Your Last 1k? Here are 8 Of The Cheapest Meals You Can Get

November 1, 2018

Now we know salary just entered and you’re looking for where to blow all that money

Alert has entered, let the flexing begin!

Twenty shawarmas, six large pizzas and a lot of Henny after, look at you staring your last 1k in the face

broke moving out
Money quick to blow, or how do they say it?

But it’s okay, your friends over at Zikoko have just the plan to last you through the month:

Usual suspects: suya and agege bread

Quick and direct, this meal has saved thousands of lives. Myself included!

Garri and sugar! Extra points if you leave the garri to soak for a little bit

If you’re feeling extra rich (and nasty) add milk

Don’t throw that garri away oh! You can also use it to quickly make eba and tin tomato stew

Tin tomato- ₦70, dry pepper- ₦50, maggi- ₦20 and leftover garri. Enough money left over!

Beans and crayfish has been saving lives on campus since 1902. We stan a consistent saviour

Those days of community beans, time to use your talent.

Indomie!!!Let’s give respect to the unacknowledged extra family member in most Nigerian homes

We didn’t mention Indomie Relish here though!

Another saviour is no other than concoction rice!

Rice, tin tomato, cray fish, Maggi and palm oil, dazzal!

If you’re feeling rich and you want a snack, forget Meatpie, boli is your best friend for now!

We’ve warned you, snack and a meal wrapped in one. Add stew for flavour!

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