It’s international beer day it’s the perfect excuse to start drinking before 5 p.m! For those who aren’t fans, II bet you didn’t have a clue. I get it —. I was once among the beer haters, but here are seven ways to get you to finally see the light.

Get into malt first

If you’ve never let yourself try a sip of beer, just know it’s too far off a slightly bitter version of malt. Every brand of beer you’ll try is made from yeast-fermented malt and the taste changes based on the additional ingredients included. But that foam? It’s from the malt.

Flavoured beer should be your bestie

I used to think beer was a pretty flat drink, as it lacked any notes of flavour to me. But flavoured beer got me from thinking that beer was just bitter foamy piss, to something I need to end a long day of capitalism. You can try the grapefruit beer from Star Radler or chocolate beer from Three Philosophers.

Get beers with a spirit base

Alcohol is generally bitter, but spirits give a bit of a kick that makes you want to take another sip. So try options like Desperado’s flavoured tequila beer.

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Drink beer with authentic beer lovers 

If you really want to love beer, you need to have at least one 30+ friend that understands the power of a few bottles and premium gist after a hard day’s work — preferably a friend that can cover the bill sha because those brands are expensive.

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Add whipped cream

If you’re a coffee head, you’ll get the vibe of cold iced coffee and cream. You can do the same with beer. Top it off with whipped cream to cut back on the bitterness.


If you can’t beat them, join them. Gone are the days of drinking Capri Sun and Ribena; act your age and drink beer like your mates.

Take this quiz to find out what kind of drink you are: What Kind of Drink Are You?


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