In my humble stint as a kitchen rat, these are some of the most frustrating struggles that I have experienced:

1) Oil splash.

I don’t fry anything for this reason. I can’t be playing hide and seek in my kitchen because of hot oil. My worst fear is that oil will enter my eye and I’ll go blind.

2) Gas finishing.

Especially when the rice still has water in it. It then becomes soggy and everything becomes ruined.

3) Cooking stew on a gas that burns too fast.

Then it keeps drying up over and over again. Then you have to keep adding water because you’re trying to boil out the taste of pepper.

4) Cleaning fish.

This is the most ghetto thing ever.

Monday morning

5) Restraint to not eat all the plantain before frying.

If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

6) Burning pain after cutting pepper.

God help you that you go and urinate immediately after cutting pepper. God help you.

7) Cooking food that’s not sweet.

This is the most painful but you have to eat it with your chest.

8) Losing appetite after all the stress of cooking.

E dey pain.


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