12 Of The Biggest Sins According To Nigerian Lecturers.

December 14, 2018

Thinking you can get an A in his course when you know fully well: “A is for the gods.”

If you never had a lecturer tell you, you couldn’t get an A in his course, you definitely needed a visa to get to your Uni.

When a student on a 4.5 CGPA in his final year and semester, dares to dream he can finish with a first class.

We don’t do that in Nigerian Unis, please dear.

Suggesting to a lecturer that has been using the same handwritten notes from 1988, to update his notes or send lectures via email.

What exactly do you think you’re doing?

When students try to ask for area of concentration, after the lecturer has broken the scheme into 22 topics and 250 pages of notes.

“So I haven’t made work easy enough for you?”

When they say a hand out they’re selling is not by force to buy, and no student actually buys it.

“Like these students actually don’t want to graduate sha”

If the class is too full and rowdy for his liking.

I lost count of how many lecturers walked out of class because students were too busy being students for their liking.

When the class isn’t as full or as rowdy as he would like.

That’s when you’ll hear: “tear a sheet of paper, if your friends like; they shouldn’t come back to class”.

When you dare to think it’s his class you’ll be attending with that big afro on your head.

When you know fully well Nigerian lecturers and afros are sworn enemies.

Attempting to ask a question while class is going on.

How dare you ask questions, when they’re trying to teach you what they probably don’t know like that.

Not asking questions while class is going on.

See, with Nigerian lecturers, you can’t win.

When girls attend classes wearing sleeveless shirts.

“How dare you expose your moisturised elbows and shoulders in this class with no AC or fan?” What a wow.

And let’s not forget the biggest sin for female students. When your lecturer wants you and you think you can do something about it.

But every day for the thief, one day for the owner. If you see Richard Akindele, the OAU lecturer that tried this nonsense, help us ask him how unemployment is looking.

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