While it’s mostly been a nightmare, one positive thing the pandemic has done is bring us closer to you. Now, more than ever, we’re constantly thinking about your needs and how we can meet them in unique and engaging ways. 

We’ve found new ways to listen and watch out for the things you love. Take, for instance, the weekend. Before the pandemic, weekends were exclusively for resting, partying or binge-watching your favourite shows. However, a lot has changed about the way we spend our weekends. 

That’s why we’ve put some deliberate thought into the kind of content we should be giving you during the weekend. 

Here’s what’s coming: 

Just Imagine

We are working with Hauwa, the hilarious fiction writer, to create a new series called Just Imagine. The central idea is to take the delicacy (and whiteness) out of pop culture hallmarks, like Disney princesses, Harry Potter and more, replacing them with chaotic, silly and graceless Nigerians. 

We will be kicking things off with Disney princesses, and this idea will feature rewrites of famous Disney stories, narrating how things would have turned out if our favourite fictional princesses were Nigerian.

Just Imagine starts on Friday, the 12th of February, 2021. Every Friday by 2 pm, there’ll be a new story on the website.

Interview With…

Everyone who reads Zikoko religiously knows that we love to talk to people in a bid to gain some insight into their weird and interesting lives. On April 24, we went in another direction and spoke to the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge, Nollywood’s most underrated star.

Since then, we’ve spoken to the vindictive Cooking Gas, the divisive Semo and, most recently, the Remembrance Day Pigeons that embarrassed Bubu. Now, we’ve decided to make this a regular series that will feature every inanimate object and non-human entity you wish you could talk to. 

Interview With… starts on Friday, the 12th of February, 2021. Every Friday by 9 a.m., there’ll be a new interview on the website.

An Advice Column

Following the success of Love Life, we are creating a weekly agony aunt series that will try to solve the relationship problems the Zikoko audience has. We want to help take your love story from a “God forbid” to a “God when?” 

This will be a Saturday series and will launch sometime in March, so be on the lookout.

We can’t say much (yet), but we’re also working on two other series we know you’re going to love.

What’s getting better? 

Abroad Life: Everybody wants to japa, and we’re going to assume you’re everyone. Abroad Life was created to investigate what the Nigerian experience outside Nigeria is. We’ve published over 50 stories in the past year. Now, we’re going deeper. Whether it’s Japan or Comoros or Estonia or a country you’ve never even heard of before, we’re going to find Nigerians there and tell their story. 

Expect a new story every Friday by 12 p.m

So You Don’t Have To: What started out as a commentary on a very bizarre book has become a recap of everything you’re curious about, but not curious enough to actually experience yourself. Whether it’s books, apps, old movies, trends or events, So You Don’t Have To is here to save you the stress. 

Expect a new story every Friday by 6 p.m

Man Like: What does it mean to be a Nigerian man? What the 70-year-old Urhobo man would say is different from what the 26-year-old software engineer would say. We’re bringing a diverse set of experiences around what it means to be a Nigerian man. 

Expect a new story every Sunday by 12 p.m

What do you need to do? 

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