“There is hope for young creatives in Nigeria,” was the first thought that came to mind when I saw the news that Yellow Card had signed fast-rising artists Psycho YP and Odumodu Blvck, as its brand ambassadors in Nigeria.

The pair were nominated for their collaboration, Bando Diaries in the Best Hip Hop song category at the just concluded Soundcity MVP Awards 2023 and even though they didn’t win it, they thrilled the audience with arguably what was the best performance of the night. 

As African giants, we must value every effort to invest in the rich young talents we have to offer the world. Unlike most global brands, Yellow Card is pioneering support for the next generation of Africa’s cultural representatives by partnering with them and encouraging the growth of young Nigerians through financial inclusion. 

Young artists on the rise in Nigeria can now believe even further and be patient in their process to mature their craft, as all forms of brand partnerships and recognition can find them early and walk the entire course with them. 

Yellow Card: Best in Promoting Africa’s Rising Talent Pool

As crypto enthusiasts settle into the new year and look forward to the promises crypto holds for 2023, Yellow Card is the unicorn to set your eyes on.

Yellow Card is bossing up and leading the way in promoting rising creatives and teeming youths in Africa by investing early in the home soil rather than existing just for profits. 

With the global rise of African music, especially Afrobeat, content creation has exploded recently. Yellow Card is tapping into this by partnering with Nigeria’s rich creative circle. 

Yellow Card is developing partnerships to advance access to cryptocurrency adoption and awareness of its vast opportunities on the continent. It does this by relying on the uniqueness of the music artist’s brand and music genre, and the latest unveilings of Psycho YP and Odumodu Blvck are critical steps in that direction.

Everything Special About the Yellow Card and Psycho YP partnership

Nicholas Ihua-Maduenyi, professionally known as “Psycho YP,” became one of the brand ambassadors of Yellow Card, Africa’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange. The Nigerian alternative hip-hop rapper, singer, and songwriter is one of the biggest and fastest-rising African artists, using music to showcase his rich talent in Nigeria and Africa at large. 

Psycho YP is a strong believer in Yellow Card’s vision to continually show creativity in providing financial solutions across borders on the continent, making this a perfect match for both brands.

Psycho YP has a lot of successful projects, such as YP SZN 1-3, Euphoria, and great singles, such as “Stronger”, “Midlife Crisis”. Etc. Psycho YP continues to be one of Nigeria’s finest musical geniuses with his unique flows, bars, and lyrical dexterity. 

His finesse sets him apart like a Boss, just like Yellow Card has been bossing up the crypto space in Africa. 

You can join Psycho YP to make your money move and flex on Yellow Card. Click HERE to sign up with the code BIGYP, or log on to https://explore.yellowcard.io/psycho-yp for more information.

Watch the official YouTube promo video here:

Everything Special About the Yellow Card and Odumodu Blvck partnership

On the other plane, Nigerian rapper and songwriter Ojogwu Tochukwu, better known as Odumodu BLVCK, is the second latest brand partner and ambassador to join the Yellow Card family. The Afro-grime Nigerian artist has brought a fresh sound to the industry since coming onto the scene in 2019, which has resonated with fans locally and globally. 

The Picanto crooner blends with Yellow Card’s core values of being African first, bold while being Global and Local amongst other great qualities. Odumodu Blvck embodies it all, from his rich cultural sense and fashion representation to his bold vocal dexterity and communal drive, which can be heard as a loud echo from his latest single, Picanto, “100 men for my domot.” Indeed, Yellow Card wants to be on the doorstep of every country in Africa. 

Odumodu strongly believes in Yellow Card’s vision of financial inclusion for all. He is a community-driven personality who believes everyone deserves fair access to better financial services,  whether rich or poor. 

With Nigeria at the forefront of driving Africa’s crypto growth, this partnership seems to be a step in the right direction for Yellow Card. 

If you’re an Odumodu fan, you can use his promo code ODUMODU to take advantage of and enjoy exclusive fan offers on the Yellow Card app.

To make your money move into financial freedom. Click HERE to sign up.

What Yellow Card offers Nigerians

You may be wondering what more Yellow Card can offer and how that could benefit you. Below are 4 reasons why many Nigerians use Yellow Card and why you should, too.

  1. Send and Receive Money Across Africa With Yellow Pay

Sending money locally within the country can be a hassle. It becomes even more difficult when you want to move funds to other African countries. This is what Yellow Pay has come to solve, as you can now send and receive money instantly through the platform with just a few taps on your phone. 

With Yellow Pay, you can send Naira to someone in Ghana, and they will receive the equivalent in cedis at the best exchange rate with zero charges involved. Yup, it’s completely free.

  1. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Yellow Card continues to make it easy to buy and sell bitcoin, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies without the fear of losing money doing P2P or dealing with other merchants that can scam you out of your crypto. Yellow Card allows you to buy bitcoin at the best rates and get the best value for your money.

  1. Learning Crypto Easily

Yellow Card also makes learning crypto easy. The company believes that financial inclusion through crypto can only spread through education and community sensitisation. This has led to the launch of a free learning platform called the Yellow Card Academy, where you can learn everything about crypto and go from beginner to expert beneficiary of this helpful technology.

  1. Saving in Dollar backed Currency (USDT)

With the teeming global recession, an unstable economy, and currency devaluation on the rise, keeping one’s wealth in a more stable financial asset is important. 

Since the US dollar has proved the most dependable, buying dollar-backed stablecoins like USDT (Tether) or USDC is the more accessible option for most people outside the United States who want to save money in dollars

Yellow Card makes it easy to buy and sell USDT with as little as 500 Naira. 

Make Your Money Moves on Yellow Card

Yellow Card Financial is Africa’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded in Nigeria in 2019 by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux and has remained committed to making cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT stablecoins available to anyone in Africa. 

For Yellow Card, it is financial inclusion for Africa or nothing. Yellow Card currently has the most significant geographical footprint in Africa, with a presence in 16 countries and growing. 

Yellow Card has a pan-African vision and is doing everything possible to get crypto benefits to Africans while solving its local financial challenges. 

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