These days, every day is a “rainy day”, so saving money for the rainy days is no longer an advice, it is a must. But here is the good part, some good guys have put in the work to help us not only save money easily, but also make money everyday on the money saved, cool right? This is why we are introducing to you ‘FairSave’. Now hear us out;

FairSave is the newest savings product from FairMoney MFB aimed at helping you save and make money while you do other things you love. Here are 5 benefits you enjoy when you make savings a lifestyle with FairMoney’s FairSave:

1. First of all, you get up to 10% interest on whatever you save on the app.

This means that if you put one million in your savings wallet you can get 10% interest on that money for just saving it in that wallet, ok maybe not 1 million, but you get the point.

2. Easy withdrawal

You can withdraw your money (Principal and Interest) anytime you want. Nobody is locking your money for days or months. Your money is readily available and can be accessed anytime you need it.

3. No penalties on withdrawal

It is your money, so why should anyone charge you any dime for withdrawing because you need it. If you decide to remove your money anytime, you will not be charged a dime.

4. Daily interest alert

You receive an interest alert everyday!. This will ginger your spirit and you can be motivated to add more money to your savings because you know that your money is growing like grass. Another interesting part now is that you can withdraw your interest whenever you want.

5. Access to other FairMoney products.

In case you don’t know, the FairSave wallet is one of the products inside the FairMoney app. When you decide to use FairSave you automatically become a FairMoney Fam and this means that you can access the FairMoney FairBanking products.

What are you still waiting for?

Download the FairMoney app on playstore right away so you can join the FairSave geng to start enjoying all these benefits.


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