One thing every student will tell you is this: The library is one of the most important places to visit as a student. It does not matter if you lied to your parents that you were in the library when really, you just needed time alone with your school partner. Truth is, when the exam was close, we all ran to the library for some help.

Now it’s 2020 and nobody expected COVID-19 to take over our lives, especially for students who have had to put their academic journey on hold so they could stay safe. Despite these, libraries play an important role in the life of students and they cannot get over it. Here are three valid reasons why:

1) Boredom: Hahahahaha! We know you did not see this one coming but we will be honest. You are home, stuck with the family, and it’s not like it’s a bad thing but when on campus, you can be seen walking around at 12 midnight. At home, you know you can’t even try that so what do you do when you are tired of Twitter, you search for libraries, as an excuse to hide from mama’s call, to catch up on your syllabus, to brush up on general knowledge. Whatever it is, you know you definitely visited a library. Don’t worry, we will keep your secret.

2) University eLibrary: This is our favorite, federal universities are fast getting digital libraries. Maybe they were inspired by COVID-19 or maybe because the MTN Foundation is really investing in youth empowerment and education. For instance, the MTN Foundation officially handed over a digital library to the Vice-Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University with over50 desktops to enhance students’ access to learning.

This was done in commemoration of the Foundation’s Chairman, Prince Adelusi’s birthday, who commissioned it during a virtual event on Thursday, July 30, 2020. Judging from the appreciation videos we have been seeing on Twitter, we guess the OAU students cannot wait to get back to school.

3) Access to the world: With the growing technological advancement, one can have access to just about anything. Infact, libraries have transcended from the conventional hardbacks to e-books, video resource materials, online courses, animations and so many other materials. It’s like learning just got interesting. Everyday, new discoveries are made, new editions are published. We now have different ways to comprehend knowledge and understanding. Somehow, it feels like we were blind to this and isolation opened our eyes.If you think about it, there are many reasons to be obsessed with libraries this year. We took the first step and offered three reasons.

What’s yours?


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