To The Final Year Brethren

February 21, 2019

The end of another strike means the continuation of another struggle – Final Year.

Final year is the most frightening year in school. One wrong move and you’re getting slapped with an extra year. Add the emotional punishment called ‘project’ and you have a full stack horror movie.

It isn’t all nightmares though, and being a few months away from your great escape has its perks.

Clear The Way, Final Year Brethren Coming Through

You can’t be in final year and not raise shoulder. After years of suffering and emotional torment you want to be humble? My friend, raise shoulder and stunt, strut on these streets like you own them. Have your own entrance song if you can. Brothers and Sisters, you’ve come this far with pieces of your sanity intact, you deserve some respect.

One Lecturer You Don’t Like Will Adopt You

This is the one that’ll shock you to your bones. The same lecturer that said A is for God and gave you an F in year 2 will start saying you’re his son or daughter. Excuse me sir, we’re not friends like that.

You Don’t Know Them, But They Know You

In every class it’s normal to have people you may never say a word to, especially if it’s a big class. There are also people you didn’t know were in your class to begin with. It will come as a surprise that you’re all friends, they know your name, your favourite food, and your BVN too.

Final Year Week

Get your dancing shoes ready because its party time. 7 days of food, clothes, hangouts with your classmates and going wild. But not too wild because there’s still your project defence. Be guided.

After Your Defence

The crown jewel of the final year race – your project defence. It marks the end to your rite of passage into the real world. The moment you close your project supervisors door and step into the sun a free human, the rest of your life begins.


Good luck and may the force be with you.


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