8 Things Students Can Relate To During Exam Period

November 21, 2019

The Confusion that follows the release of the exam timetable

You begin to wonder how the weeks flew so fast. As far as you know, the semester started about three weeks earlier. The question that clouds your mind at this point is “where did the time go?”

The pressure of assignments due to be submitted soon

Because you are an acolyte of procrastination, you will never be caught getting started on an assignment early and work on it at a comfortable pace. Now, exams are starting in about 2 weeks, and you have a legion of assignments you will be turning in in this period too – assignments you haven’t done one bit of work on.

Then you struggle with the fact that you’ve not studied in weeks

You remember that the last time you studied anything remotely related to academics was the first week into the semester. You’d promised yourself to be a model student at the beginning of the semester and get your grades up, but that was a promise you were going to renege on. After all, school na scam.

When the day to your first exam draws closer and ASUU or your School SU haven’t made a play

This is bad news for you because they are the only ones you can depend on to start something that will disrupt the calendar and give you more time to study.

When you realise the numbers of tutorials and all-nighters you will need to pull before you catch up

The voluminous materials you have won’t read themselves, so you find study groups to attend during the days and night classes for the nights.

And how much caffeine you will need for that

You find studying all-night a tedious thing to do, but you have no choice. To pull this off, you need caffeine your system. You hear Nescafe works all the time, and you go for it. If you are leaning towards the extreme, you mix Nescafe with a bottle of Coke.

When the school power supply becomes erratic

This is surely an impediment to your all-nighter plans. But you always find a way to work through it.

When you are seated for your first exam and the instructions only are enough to send you into a fit

Now, you are in the exam hall, rethinking all the wrong decisions you’ve made all semester. The invigilator passes the sheets and instructs you to flip over. You subdue a scream when you see the instruction. “Answer question 1 and any other 3 questions. There are 5 questions in all.

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