6 Types Of Students And How They React To A Bad Grade

January 21, 2020

Every student goes to the university, determined to get the best results they can get. This, of course, doesn’t entirely go to plan. The bad grades come sometimes, and everyone deals with them differently. This is how we think it goes:

The Grumbler

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This student hits the denial stage and struggles to get out of it. They are pretty certain that they can get a bad grade in any course only if someone didn’t do their job right or if the lecturer is out to get them. They grumble and whine to everyone who cares to listen that the result is not a reflection of their performance. The brave ones among them storm off to the lecturer’s office to protest the injustice.

The Spy

They instinctively go on a mission to find out how others performed in the course. They are good with the grade as long as others, especially their friends do badly too. 

The Mathematician 

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This student hates to see a bad grade, and the moment they see one, they start to make mental calculations of where their CGPA stood before the exam and how badly the grade will affect it. Also,  they start calculating what they need to get in other courses to bounce back.

The Pretentious Crybaby

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This student puts on a show for everyone, making it seem like a bad grade is not much of a big deal and how they couldn’t care less about it. However, the moment they are alone with their thoughts, they break down and curse all the evil forces working overtime to ensure their failure.

The Soldier

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Their faces instantly turn into a furnace, threatening to burn anyone who dares to make eye contact the moment they find out that they didn’t get the result they were hoping for. They become irritable, ready to lash out at anyone who crosses their path or seeks to interrupt their brooding – and this can last for days nonstop.

The Unbothered

aint nobody got time for that GIF

This student already saw it coming. They know they wrote shit in the exam, so they couldn’t be too bothered about the confirmation of what they’ve known since they turned their answer scripts in. They are the quickest to move on from the results because they know it won’t be the last they will fail.

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