Introducing, Aluta And Chill

April 30, 2019

Ask anyone about young Nigerians and you’re going to hear something in the lines of ‘largest demographic in Nigeria’. They’re mostly right; young people make up well over half of Nigeria’s population.

A vital subset of young people is the student demographic. It’s why it’s weird that the Student Voice is mostly underrepresented in public discourse–well unless there’s a strike.

So it had us thinking, what’s an effective way to tell these stories at scale?

Introducing Aluta And Chill, Again.

We’re combing every campus looking for Nigerian students who have an eye for good stories. Because who best to find student stories and tell them properly?

Combing Every Campus?

Yes, every single one. Whether it’s in Yobe or Tokyo, as long as there are Nigerians, there will be stories, and we’re looking for people in these places to tell them. We’re looking for all kinds of stories, from regular school struggles to thoughts about the future. Relationship stories? We want that. Faith? That too. Gbas gbos? Bring it.

As long as it’s a story, we can attempt to tell it properly.

What format are we looking to start with?

Ever heard of Brandon Stanton? He’s this guy who travels the world, starting conversations with people, and collecting their stories under ‘Humans Of New York’. This is what his stories look like:

The format might change in the future, but we’ll start here now.

What type of Curators are we looking for?

  • Obsessed with stories? Check.
  • If you can write, great.
  • If you have a camera for taking good photos, awesome.
  • If consistency is your thing, perfect.
  • And what about seeing things from interesting perspectives other people are dulling on? Na you we dey find.

What will you be doing?

  • Looking for stories worth telling in your school
  • Doing it consistently enough to grow as a storyteller
  • Finding other amazing curators like you in other schools.

“You’ve become part of a bigger universe, you just don’t know it yet.”

Nick Fury Zikoko

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Follow Aluta and Chill on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The next 12pm you check, there’ll be a new story there.
  • And if you’d like to become a curator, start here:

Here’s why you should scroll back up and sign up if you haven’t already:

  • You’re going to be collaborating with some of your brightest peers everywhere.
  • Zikoko is highly invested in your goals, short and long term, and we’ll be exploring all the ways to make them come alive.

That’s it. Stay awesome.

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