5 Insane Things About Our School System That We All Just Go Along With

February 28, 2020

I had a nightmare last night.

I dreamt that I was still in secondary school. SS3, to be precise. I was seated in class freaking out because I was about to begin my Senior Waec, an exam that, in this dream, I was not prepared for. I woke up sweating buckets.

I lay awake wondering “WTF?”, I began thinking of all the insane feats of learning that the school system expects children to achieve every day. Insane feats like:

1) Forcing students to learn everything about like 15 subjects when each subject has its own dedicated teacher.

For reference, in secondary school, I did Maths, English, Integrated Science, Introductory Technology, Home Economics, Agric, CRK, Physical Health Education, Library Science, Visual Arts and a couple of others I can’t remember right now.

2) This shit.

These people have spent decades studying a thing but expect school kids to understand said thing in a matter of hours. And then have the nerve to get angry when they don’t. Sir/Ma’am, improve your teaching skills if you want to pull shit like that and stop stressing children out.

3) Sending boarding house kids to prep class every night and actually expecting them to read.

These children are exhausted. They wake up at 5 AM, do housework, go to class and learn all day, then you send them to a two-hour prep class at night, actually expecting them to not fall asleep. LMAO

4) Remember my first point? Now, Imagine ten of those teachers giving the students homework every day.

They go to school and learn all day, just to come back home and do MORE school work. Kilode?? And trust Nigerian teachers to not hear that the children already have too much homework. They’ll just be like “welp!” and pile their own on top.

5) Junior and Senior WAEC.

School children are really expected to know three years worth of stuff in preparation for each of these exams sha. Good God.

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