10 Things We Love To Hate About Pharmacy School In Nigeria

February 14, 2020

1) Pharmacognosy Lab:

Just tell me, all the trichomes and oxalate crystals we were looking at under the microscope, to what end? Use it to find job na.

School of Pharmacy scientist

2) Dispensing lab:

Nothing more painful than hearing “your emulsion cracked” or looking away and someone has stolen your lab equipment.

3) One million courses in a semester:

So many pre-requisite 2 unit courses that had the capacity to ruin your life. To what end?

4) Devilish Pharmchem:

I.R? mass spectrometry? flying arrows? organic chemistry? – all of the devil. Imagine telling the doctor to change Levofloxacin to Sparfloxacin because the alcohol group on the 7th carbon increases its absorption. Alaye jor jor.

5) Steeplechase:

Running around the lab on a timer like a clueless person especially in Pharm micro lab. Why? It’s not like I know the difference in color between Salmonella and E.coli. Don’t stress me.

6) Lab reports:

The ghetto. How did we survive writing 5 of this per week? and we somehow had to study in between.

school of Pharmacy

7) Forensic:

Who made 60 the pass mark for this course? I want to have a word in private.

8) Dress code:

Tie, shirt, skirt, trousers, inside heat and stress. Affliction will not rise a second time.

school of pharmacy

9) Mass failure:

If there was no semester that over 70% of a class failed a course, did you really go to Pharmacy school? The magic word used to be: “they are upgrading from 45.”

10) The dreams they sold:

“You are professionals, you will never have to struggle again in your life once you graduate.”

school of Pharmacy

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