The coronavirus became a thing we had to worry about and it forced everything to a standstill. Across the world, offices and schools have been closed to contain the spread of the virus. This post is the reality of Nigerian students who have been forced to return home since the nationwide closure of schools.

1. You, when the NUC directed that the school should be closed

And they thought we were starting exams next week. Lmao

2. But you realised that it meant that you were going home

Heh. I’m in danger.

3. You, when your parents happily receive you

Because your slave has returned abi?

4. When you’ve only spent a day but you’ve started running errands

You people just can’t wait, can you?

5. When they complain about everything you do and ask if that’s what you do in school too

It’s not your fault.

6. You, after studying for 5 minutes

Abeg, I can’t kill myself.

7. When you realise that schools outside the country are doing online classes

These people like oversabi sha.

8. You, when your friends hit you up to see if you’re studying

Don’t vex me, please.

9. You, trying to keep up with all the messages on the class WhatsApp group chat

You people don’t have work, and it shows.

10. You, thinking about what the closure means for your graduation plans 

Tears. Hot tears.


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