Someone On Twitter Takes a Stab At Why Wizkid's SFOTS Album Is So Damn Terrible

After all the promotion (and by promotion we mean the massive beef with DavidO), Wizkid's new album "Sounds From The Other Side" finally came out last Friday.

This album art is fire!

And after taking time to listen to it, people have a lot to say about the album.

Some think it's the absolute best.

Some think it's complete garbage.

Then there are others who think it doesn't really matter if the album is good or not.

However, this Twitter user has a very interesting theory about why a lot of Nigerians don't like the album. Here it is.

You know what guys? We think he kinda has a point.

But it doesn't matter what we think. It's about you guys! What do you think about this guy's theory? What do you think about Wizkid's album? Is it awesome? Does it suck? Tell us in the comments section.

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