Who Else Hates ATM Queues?

1. Has anybody noticed that the sun that beats when you’re on the queue is not even from here at all?

2. Then one person will now come and start protecting his pin as if Abacha transferred money to his account

3. The ones that help 7 people withdraw when 10 million people are behind them:

4. Those special ones that now decide to take their time and lay eggs at the ATM, wuzz the problem?

5. Instead of them to just say they can’t use the ATM, they’ll be waiting ten years for their helper to locate them

6. But come, have they done Nigerians with this ‘I’m at your back’ thing on queues?

7. You’ll already be thanking God that your turn has finally come, 5 people will just come out and say they’re in front of you

8. You’ll now reach the ATM, only to see ‘temporarily unable to dispense cash’