Which Shonda Rhimes Death Broke Your Heart The Most? Here’s a List of Some Shonda Crimes

How many of you feel like any show written by Shonda Rhimes should come with the warning sign: “Caution! All the characters you love will die!”?

Does Shonda care about our feelings at all? Hell no! She just pulls this painful ‘Game of Thrones’ on us once in a while, regardless of our love for these characters. In Grey’s Anatomy’s 11 seasons, Private Practice’s six, Scandal’s four, and How to Get Away With Murder’s one, we’ve seen so many [favourite] characters die suddenly, and even worse, unceremoniously.

Grab a roll of tissue, a glass of wine – Olivia Pope style, and cry your hearts out as we remember the characters who have been killed off on Shonda’s shows.

Grey’s Anatomy

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)

Cause of Death: Truck Accident.

And what a horrible way to go! He should’ve just died on impact from the truck if he HAD TO DIE. But having him survive only to die because some doctors didn’t know what they were doing is that much more upsetting.


George O’Malley (T. R. Knight)

Cause Of Death: Hit by a bus and left so disfigured that nobody recognized him until he was dying.

He wrote “007” on Meredith’s hand to reveal himself. Romantic Shonda.


Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)


Cause of Death: Blood clot complications after surviving a heart transplant in terrible condition. He died immediately.

We are still screaming.


Henry Burton (Scott Foley)


Cause of Death: Died while being operated on by his wife’s best friend.

It was bad enough for Henry to die, but the fact that it was Cristina who killed him made it even worse. She had no idea it was Teddy’s husband that she was operating on, and her reaction when she discovered the truth was the most devastating part.


Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)


Cause of Death: Unplugged from life support after he slipped into a coma again post-plane crash.

Callie was the one who had to remove his life support. What is with Shonda and unplugging life support?!


Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler)

Cause of Death: Bomb explosion. After the bomb had been successfully removed from him.

Not Okay. This is still not okay.


Heather Brooks (Tina Majorino)

Cause of Death: Electrocution. With another person.

Double electrocution?! Classy.


Susan Grey (Mare Winningham)


Cause of Death: Hiccups! Hiccups!!!!!

I’m done.


Craig Thomas (William Daniels)

Cause of Death: Dropped dead in the middle of surgery.

Literally, his eyes glazed over and he fell backward onto the ground. It was traumatic.

Private Practice

Dell Parker (Chris Lowell)

COD: Brain bleed that he couldn’t treat because he was rushing Naomi’s pregnant daughter, Maya, to the hospital to deliver her child.

He died a hero. I think Shonda did something right here.


Ryan Kerrigan (Wes Brown)

COD: Drug Overdose.


Amelia Shepherd woke up next to his dead body, but then later had his baby (who also died because of drug-related complications).  Every man Amelia has loved is dead. *real tears*



Harrison Wright (Columbus Short)

COD: Offscreen shooting in the season-three finale by Secret Service agent (and secret B613 operative) Tom Larsen, due to Rowan Pope’s orders.


We were so sad to see Harrison go.


Daniel Douglas Langston (Jack Coleman)

COD: Stabbed repeatedly in the back by Jesus-freak, Sally. He tried to say he was leaving her after years of hiding his sexuality, and she was NOT having that.


This death was morbidly exciting.

James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky)

COD: Shot by Jake because he knew too much about Daniel’s death.


But Cyrus knows. Cyrus always knows.


Jerry Grant Jr. (Dylan Minnette)

COD: Poisoned by Tom Larsen at Rowan’s orders, and he died suddenly while standing right next to his family.


His death won his father the presidency. *in Rowan Pope’s voice*: He took my child so I took his.

Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney)

COD: Suffocated to death by Fitz.

Way to throw a tantrum, Mr President!


How To Get Away With Murder

Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay)

COD: We don’t know really. Rebecca was found dead at the end of season one – in keeping with the show’s murdery tone – and we have no idea who murdered her.


She was found in Annalise’s basement, no one saw that coming—everyone else thinks she ran away.


Sam Keating (Tom Verica)

COD: Wes hit him over the head with the statue to save the Keating Five.


I never liked him, so good riddance.


Lila Stangard (Megan West)

Her death wasn’t shocking, it came with the show. The real death here was the death of our love for Frank – he killed her, as a favor for dead douchebag, Sam.

So with this list, we await your verdict, is Shonda Rhimes guilty of multiple counts of first degree murder or nah? I say cuff her.

…and the ones we don’t too.