Was Your BQ/Apartment Everyone’s Hangout Spot In Uni?

1. So you’ve finally pimped your apartment out, AC chilling, speakers on deck, MTV Cribs has nothing on you

2. Any small thing, have you seen Ayo’s BQ? The place make sense die, you too, this is how your shoulders will start looking after:

3. Next thing you know, boys will start coming to whisper in your ear about one girl they want to sharply package in your room, before you know it, boys will start taking number to use your room

4. That’s how you’ll turn to an outsider in your own room oh, you’ll now be sending texts from outside your door like, ‘please hurry up now, my Indomie is already cold’

5. As if that one isn’t bad enough, boys would turn your wardrobe to their new boutique, you’ll now have to start begging for them to borrow you your own clothes

6. Once there’s any turn up, you already know your room is going to be the assembly point, end up looking like this at the end of the night

7. When frustration hits you, you’ll just vex and send everyone out like this: