This User Is The Second Most Hated Person On Nigerian Twitter Right Now, And Here Are A Few Reasons Why

Nigerian Twitter has been having a field day dragging Mr. Eazi (yes, you guessed it, he is the most hated person on Nigerian Twitter right now)

Nigerians have been dragging him left...


...and centre...

And if you don't know the reason why, you don't deserve to be on social media or even have a phone. Just return your phone to your parents and confine yourself to your room for the rest of your life.

So even with all the strength Nigerians have been using to drag Mr. Eazi, there is apparently still more left over to drag any person deemed deserving of a typical Nigerian Twitter Dragging.

Which is how a certain Twitter user came to be one of the trending topics on Nigerian Twitter today.

And this is the story of how it all came to be:

It so happened that at nearly thirty minutes past seven in the evening of September eleven, @kiiinglola posted this tweet:

Here's a closer look at the screenshots:

Of course, Nigerians did not appreciate this opening of nyash, and had a lot to say about it:

1. One person did an unsolicited name analysis for her:

2. Another tried to call out her attention-seeking behaviour while proceeding to then give her attention:

3. While this guy made a really valid point on the whole thing:

Which was really a very valid point because it turns out the person whose nyash Lola opened wasn't really hacked as he claimed:

4. And because Nigerians were already pretty pissed with Mr Eazi, they joined him to the vitriol being poured on her

5. But of course, prayer point even came out of the whole thing:

Nigerians on Twitter are out here getting mad and shit

I'm pretty sure Daddy Bubu is in Aso Rock scrolling through Nigerian Twitter like;

You wish!