This is The Story Of Your Life Every Time You Start a New TV Series

First, you hear about the series but you’re like:

It’s not interesting. Boring characters. Bland storyline.

But then, you catch a preview of some scenes and you’re like:

I gotta have this!

You, running to buy data.

Then you start to download it and wait for it to finish like:

Any day now…

But the network is slow.

And then your data finishes on top of it.

So you start to look for episodes from everyone:

Please…abeg…biko…epp me.

You when you finally get the episodes:

Victory is mine!

Then you start watching it and you’re like, “after this last episode I’ll go to bed”

This is the last one. I swear this is the last one.   But it isn’t.

You in the morning:

How you wait for the next episode to come out:

I go stay here dey wait for una.

When the season finale ends with a cliffhanger…


…and the next season is a whole year away.

I’m just gonna lie here and wait.

You for the rest of the day:

When you think of all the money spent on buying data:

Then someone tries to tell you about another series:

No thank you! Keep your series to yourself.

But really, in the end you know you won’t be able to stay away for too long.

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