These Weird Food Combinations Will Give You The Runs

1. There are a couple of food combinations we all know to be absolutely lit!

2. When you talk about Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu...

The partnership of the Gods!

3. Rice and Stew...

This union is destined to last forever!

4. And then Beans and Bread...

What love has joined together, no palette can put asunder.

5. But when this guy asked people to share their unpopular food opinions:

6. We found some very weird food combinations that had us holding our stomachs and running for the toilet.

7. First there was this person combining the old gods with the new...

Garri and Mayonnaise fam! Mayonnaise!

8. Then this very dry and unimaginative union:

9. And this one that got our gag reflexes working:

10. I don't even understand what sort of combination this is:

11. Fam! I think I'm about to start purging!

12. Say what????

13. Oh, bread and pear is yuck but Indomie and bread is cool?


14. Fam, the sacred art of fried plantain has been defiled!

15. Okay, now y'all are just being real nasty.

16. But...why?

17. Okro and Gbegiri over Ewedu? OKRO over EWEDU!

18. Please, after all of this, I have just one question:

19. Do you have any weird food combinations too? Why? How did it begin? What inspired you to even think of doing it? Please, in not more than 200 words, provide your answers below (50 marks)