These Types Of People Are So Extra!!

1. Those football fans that are ready to tear you slap if you say anything bad about their team

2. Those IJGB people that add ‘wanna’ ‘gonna’ to everything, just so you know they’re not from around here

3. Those Nigerian elders that are ready to starve themselves before collecting anything you give them with your left hand

4. Those Uber drivers that have everything, plus sweet, plus wi-fi,, plus hand fan in case AC is too much for you

5. Has anyone entered those corner shops that sell everything? if you want to buy jeans, nut you quickly want to make fish soup after, they have everything you’re looking for

6. Those annoying students that won’t tear the middle sheets of their notes, maybe they’re keeping it for their children to use

7. Those blessed suya men that aren’t afraid to add a little extra pepper for you, we see you guys!