There Is No Difference Between Makeup And Juju And These 15 Photos Are Proof

We now present to you, concrete evidence that Makeup artists are magical beings who do insanely beautiful things with their craft.

1. This transformation that gave us life.

2. This transformation made our jaws drop.

3. This transformation that made us scream "Wawu!"

4. Someone give the makeup artist responsible for this an award!

5. Beautiful!

6. Yasssss!

7. Slay Mummy! Slay!

8. Another Slay Mummy!

9. Fabulous!

10. Amazing stuff!

11. Eyebrows on fleek!

12. Flawless!

13. Team Laiskin!

14. Those lips!

15. Mind blowing!

Makeup artists, don't stop doing what you do.

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